Client Testimonials

Some of the satisfied Film and Television productions that Bon Appetit have provided location catering services for.

I want to say on behalf of production we thought PJ and the gang were great, never moaned, always positive and cooked up some great food! We want them on every job so please pass on our message to them!
Guy, Production Coordinator

I was really impressed with all the food you provided and your team were a pleasure to be around.
Justine Randle, Production Manager, ‘Bash’

It makes such a difference to have a happy crew and in 18 years in the business I’ve never ever had so many crew comment so positively about the catering.
Georgina Lowe, ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’

As always was so relieved to have Spin, PJ and the team look after us the way they did – it made each day an absolute pleasure.
Louisa, Line Producer

…the crew were over the moon to have Keith as chef for the series and we were all very well fed and looked after.
Beccy, Line Producer

Thank you so much to Rozza and the team…they were a great success and I really appreciated not having to worry about catering throughout such a difficult shoot.
Emily, Co Producer

Your food was first class, tasty, inventive and plentiful. Any success we may have with Temple will be partly down to the fantastic work of the Bon Appetit folks and I thank you for that.

Just wanted to say thank you for all your care, support and food on Tennison. Rozza and his team were absolutely amazing – I repeatedly had crew coming up to me saying how great the food was.
Chris, Line Producer

It was a real pleasure working with you and your team once again, and we were both very impressed with your professionalism and commitment to the job
Jo Bennett, Production manager, ‘The Warbride’

I now know personally that other people’s recommendations of you are completely justified – the catering was superb and i would gladly recommend you to anybody who asked me!
Helga Dowie, Assistant Producer, ‘Unknown Soldier’

Thank you very much for all your help during our location weeks and supplying us with such fabulous meals.
Esther Rodewald, Production Coordinator, ‘Red Dwarf VII’

Thank yourself, Andy, Daniel and Steve for doing such a superb job catering… …every single person passed on compliments to the office on the fantastic quality of food.
Charlotte Cinalli, Production Coordinator, ‘Man Stroke Woman’

When the catering is right on a shoot everybody is in better spirits and works better… …when we need location catering in the future we know who to call.
Fiona Grundy, Production Coordinator, ‘Rory Bremner… Who Else?’

Thank so so much to you, Rozza, Andy and all the boys for doing such a fantastic job on our film.
Emma Mager, Production Manager, ‘Children of Men’

Thank you for giving us Rozza, Neil, Spin & Mark to cater for us. We had such a happy crew and we all know the happiness of the crew is more often than not dependant on their stomachs!
Sasha Harris, Production Manager, ‘Kinky Boots’

Congratulations on a wonderful and successful shoot. Thank you for all your hard work!
Mike, David, David and Tanya, ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’

All the crew, without exception, commented at one time or ther how great the food was throughout the shoot. As always Rozza, Andy, Steve and Carl were cheerful and helpful and a great credit to you.
Guy, ‘Incendiary’

I’m sure it can sometimes be a thankless task trying to keep 70-plus crew happy but as is always the case when I’m lucky enough to have you on board, there were no compaints and the food was great.
Mia Jupp, Producer, ‘Back Home’

Not only did we get plenty of choice but you catered for all sorts of quirks… … I have to say my special breakfast was the best location breakfast I’ve had in years!
Esta Charkham, Producer, ‘One Foot in the Grave’

Thanks for all your gastronomical support during the series. Good caterers make such a difference to crew morale!
Diane-May Jones, Production Associate, ‘Grange Hill’