Bon Appetit Location Catering

Bon Appetit was set up in 1990. Our aim was to provide a high standard of location catering and to do this we have the newest and latest equipment, our catering lorries are state of the art, stainless steel throughout, with health and hygiene one of our highest priorites.

Location Catering Services

We offer full catering service on location, Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, supper and Late Breaks.

All Kitchens carry freshly ground espresso and cappuccino machines.

We also offer continuous lunch facillities, either on set or at base.

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Craft service and Coffee service

We now offer both Craft and Coffee services.

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quote_left Thank you for giving us Rozza, Neil, Spin & Mark to cater for us. We had such a happy crew and we all know the happiness of the crew is more often than not dependant on their stomachs! quote_right
Sasha Harris, Production Manager, 'Kinky Boots'

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